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Meet GoogieHost Team !

Rajesh Chauhan
CEO & Founder of GoogieHost.

Rajesh Chauhan is a 23 years old student from India, who loves to learn new things. He has more than 10 online projects GoogieHost is one of them, one of the fastest growing free web hosting company in India, China and USA.

Rajesh dreamed of making this project the #1 destination for free web hosting needs since 2011.

RanJan Chatterjee
Development and Technical Head.

Ranjan is an engineer from Asansol West Bengal. He has strong experience with web hosting tools and development, Ranjan has helped GoogieHost since 2012 and he always gives every effort to make this project successful.

He is also working as support team member in our organization to sort out queries and problems posed by our clients.

Rajesh Namase
Contributor: SEO & Marketing strategies.

Rajesh Namase is a professional blogger and SEO at Techlila. His hobby is playing with open source software.

He didn't helped this project directly but we followed his blog and implemented more than 5 SEO and marketing strategies the recommended. Rajesh always manages to have time to help others.He doesn't even mind answering any problem or messages on Facebook.

Mike Lavrik
Contributor: Server and Service.

Mike is in the process of restoring a 1969 Pontiac GTO. He is also an animal lover who has great love for his pup "Skilla" who often accompanies him to work.

He helped us establish free hosting platform based on cPanel and Cloud Linux which is just next level of Free Web Hosting . :D

Dilip Kumar
Googiehoster / Application Developer

A Computer nerd interested in coding and interested in learning more. He is a Web Developer, a Blogger (www.cybertwitt.com), an engineering student, a Googiehoster, and an Application Developer. Computers are his world.

Ujjvalsinh Bihola

Ujjvalsinh is Known known as USB . He is has been cyber- crazy from his age of 14year. USB has came to us with great extensive experience of in Web Development & Web Hosting gained at MeraHost Inc. After passing 12th Level with of Biology, now He he is Doing working toward earning his I.T.Engineering (Diploma)degree just for because of his love for programming. He has Helping a helping Nature nature. Ffeel free to message him.

Shubham Bhatt

Shubham Bhat is an another tech lover guy from Almora, India, h. He helped us in fixing an error mistake made on the GoogieHost website.

He is continuously monitoring our project and notify notifies me whenever finding any error.

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