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In a world where online competition has become really high, Search Engine Optimization is very important for your business website to survive. GoogieHost has team of experts to make your website Google and other Search Engine friendly at really reasonable price. We offer unparalleled SEO services to our clients and that also at the best prices. Our team of experts has spent a great deal of time in finding the strategies that really work. We use only those techniques and adopt only those measures that help our client's websites in ranking in the SERPs.


This is what we can do for you

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    Meta data integration and optimization

    Meta data is like description for SEO, a summary of what is there on the page. We drive this Meta data content being short, simple and to the point with all the important keywords attached at prominent places.

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    Image Alt tag optimization

    We at GoogieHost excel in using Alt tags for images and inserting the right keywords for making the content more viral and relative at the same time.

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    In-depth keyword researchs

    - Keyword research is of utmost importance in SEO. We believe that a right blend of keywords placed at right places can bring optimum benefits for the business. We will ensure that you get the right kind of visitor. We value "Quality above Quantity".

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    Google Analytics & Search Console setup

    Trusting us with your SEO would not disappoint you. Our technical setup will give you all the relevant details of what is happening over your website. You can get any details about visitors, time, traffic etc. at any point of time required.

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    Heading optimization

    A heading is the most important and highlighted element of content. While doing SEO we insert the right kind and most important keywords in Heading which in turn helps in good ranking of your website.

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    Robots.txt optimization

    We know that you need some privacy from Google too. You never have to worry about personal information looked into. We keep you assured with that.

Steps Include In SEO


Identifying the best and frequently used keywords and phrases relevant to services & locations


Undertaking measures to optimize web pages, title & meta tags, rich web content, and URL structure etc. to ensure high ranking and visibility


Actions aimed at attracting quality Hyperlinks (Inbound links) to ensure constant traffic inflow and high keyword rankings


Constant review of factors like content, linking structure, social media marketing, trust on the internet to ensure modifications as and when required