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How to earn money ?

Anyone can be part of the GoogieHost free web hosting affiliate program and make money from every active connection comes through your network. Getting free hosting signs-ups can generate $0.25/per active connection. If you get paid hosting sign-ups, then you receive $5 for every paid active connection.

  • Why Free Hosting Affiliate ?

    No doubt $0.25 is very less in the comparision of other paid hosting affilates but here you getting paid for reffering free hosting users not not paid that means almost you will get 80% conversions.

  • Become our Hero

    After 1000 sucessful referrals you will receive $500 + Custom T-Shirt from GoogieHost + Your profile will be listed in our contributors list to give you more expose on our platform

  • Payment Options

    You can redeem your affiliate earning via PayPal or account credit which can be used to order any service at GoogieHost however you can't exchange or ask anything else later.



  • 01


    You have to sign up for a free hosting account with GoogieHost and we will generate a personal referral link so you can promote on various platforms. The referral link is bounded to you account, so you don’t have to worry about losing money.

  • 02


    We give you the freedom to use the affiliate links the way you see it right. We do not add any restrictions in promoting the free hosting accounts and paid account as well. However, ensure you are not violating the basic rules of affiliation.

  • 03


    We understand that you work for your earnings, so we have $10 threshold and you will receive the payment via Paypal account. However, you cannot use your affiliate earnings in buying our services directly. You have to withdraw the earnings, then spend on our services.

Why GoogieHost Free hosting

affiliate program?

Our free hosting services rival many big time companies in the market today, and you can leverage it to increase the conversion rate upto 15%. We give you creative freedom, so you want pursue your network in your innovative manner, thus increasing conversion rate.

Standard Commissions:$0.25
Monthly Sales Bonus Per Sale Commissions Per Sale
1 $0.25 $0.25
5 $0.25 $1.25
10 $0.25 $2.5
50 $0.25 $12.5

Note: Commissions are applicable for 30 days

Standard Commissions:$5
Monthly Sales Bonus Per Sale Commissions Per Sale
1 $5 $25
5-10 $10 $100
10-25 $15 $375
25+ $25 $625+

Note: Commissions are applicable for 30 days

  • Website

    If you are a blogger or a web publisher, then you can promote the free hosting using banners and you can use tools like Photoshop (Editing software) or Canva (Easy & free online tool) to make attractive banners.

  • Blog

    Millions of blogs primary source is affiliate; you can use the power of content to promote the services via your blog. Let your audience know about our competitive features and earn by providing value t o your audience.

  • Other platforms

    We don’t have specific rules, but if you are not violating basic rules, you can promote our services on reputed platforms like, Social media, and other reputed platforms.